Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual or contract immigration paralegal?
Quite simply, it’s a professional who specializes is immigration paralegal support and provides their services virtually, from their office, to their clients as an independent contractor. Immigration paralegal services are available to clients on a flat fee or retainer basis. Contract immigration paralegals are also often called freelance immigration paralegals or virtual immigration legal assistants.

How can a virtual immigration paralegal help me grow my practice?
A virtual immigration paralegal can provide the support you need while utilizing the latest technology to provide professional, efficient services with fast turnaround. This results in your ability to increase your caseload without increasing your stress level.

What are some of the advantages of using a virtual immigration paralegal?
There are many. Compared to a traditional employee, using contract immigration paralegal services can save you precious time and money in a variety of ways:

• pay only for the work needed
• experienced professional
• no payroll taxes
• no costly benefits to provide (medical coverage, workman’s comp, vacation, sick leave, etc.)
• no additional costs for supervision
• no need to allocate additional – and expensive – office space or equipment

Does a freelance immigration paralegal work on a flat fee basis?
Absolutely. That is what makes working with a virtual immigration legal assistant so appealing. You can use Rosanna’s services as often or infrequently as the needs of your practice dictate.

Is there a minimum work requirement?
No. One of the great things about teaming with a contract immigration paralegal is that you will have a highly skilled professional at your service, whether it is for a one-time project, intermittent assistance throughout the year, or support on a regular basis. It is all about meeting the needs of your practice!

Is there a monthly retainer option for those who are looking for support on a regular basis?
Yes! Monthly retainer plans range from 5 hours to 30+ hours and can be obtained with as little as a three-month commitment.

How can I be sure that my needs regarding confidentiality are met?
All client matters and information is held in utmost confidentiality. Additionally, Rosanna will never share information about the attorneys or law firms that utilize her services without their express consent, unless required by law.

Can I use Rosanna’s immigration paralegal services instead of getting a lawyer?
No. Rosanna only provides this service to licensed attorneys authorized to practice law in the United States and does so under the direct supervision of the attorneys whom she serves. In addition to her strong dedication to avoiding the unauthorized practice of law, she firmly believes that paralegal services would be a grossly inadequate substitute for the advice and representation of an experienced immigration lawyer.